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Desert Road


Our dedicated freight is comprised of contracted customer freight with the most consistent lanes and rates, the most frequented being: Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio. 

Many of our dedicated drivers enjoy weekly home time, but can stay out if they choose, easy customers, below average dwell times, and a mix of live load/unload & drop and hook.


Earning potential for this program is approximately $250,000.00 to $300,000.00 gross or more yearly.

Image by Jay Heike

Bounty hunter

The Hybrid Program functions off all load board freight and is negotiated and booked for you by our dispatch team, so no excessive paperwork or haggling on rates.

This option also boasts a maximum earning potential based on driver work ethic, and lanes in all lower forty-eight states with the exception of notoriously bad markets.

Bad Boy

Another new program offering 100% dedicated freight for both owner operators and company drivers, allowing for weekend home-time and top pay. 



A new program ART rolled out in 2020, it focuses on an owner-operators need for freedom in how they work, because only YOU know what works best for you and your truck.

Unlike our Dedicated and Hybrid programs, this program allows you the flexibility and freedom to book, negotiate, and run your own freight. Experience with booking freight is not a requirement, as we will set each driver up with a step by step guide to get started.

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